Facing financial challenges

There are many reasons why even the most successful of businesses run into financial difficulties. It could be your business has grown too quickly, a major customer has gone bust, there has been a change in consumer habits or you have been impacted by external economic forces. Indeed, with the current economic climate, rising energy prices and high inflation, many businesses are experiencing increasing financial pressures. So, you are not alone.

Whatever the reason, don’t ignore the issue. It is important to communicate and seek support as soon as possible. Exploring your options and taking action early can, in most cases, prevent greater pain later on, help ease the situation and even overcome it.

We are here to help

With over 30 years of experience working with SMEs, the Access to Finance team can provide confidential and impartial support to your business. Our business finance specialists can provide an objective viewpoint, running through options with you and exploring solutions.

Our support is tailored to your particular circumstances, but can include:

  • A review of your cashflow and identification of solutions.
  • Help with financial forecasting, including looking at what you can afford to pay creditors to get your business back on track.
  • Help arranging payment terms with your suppliers and sub-contractors – if you already have payment terms we can explore whether these can be extended (e.g. 30 days to 60 days).
  • Help to identify and apply for the best finance or funding option for your business needs. We will work with you to build the strongest finance application possible.
  • Help to ensure your early warning system, cashflow forecasting, is robust and as accurate as possible.
  • Support with marginal analysis and pricing.
  • Help with your business plan.
  • We can introduce you to other organisations and sources of support, where relevant. These can include insolvency practitioners and debt management companies.
  • We have also put together a useful article on financial hardship and recovery with further guidance on ways to ease the burden, available options and links to other sources of support.

Why contact us?

  • We can provide you with one-to-one tailored support.
  • Our business finance specialists have extensive knowledge and first-hand experience.
  • Our in-depth knowledge and extensive partnerships mean that we can break down the barriers and support you in the defining decisions in your business.
  • We recognise the need for confidentiality, so you can rest assured that any sensitive information you discuss will be confidential.
  • Many of our experts have run their own businesses, so they understand the challenges you face.
  • Our services are fully funded through the UKSPF, which means there is no cost to you.

Who is eligible for the programme?

To access our support, you need to:

  • Be a business, social enterprise or charity based in Cornwall or the Isles of Scilly.
  • Employ fewer than 250 staff.
  • Operate in an eligible industry sector. Note: The programme is suitable for businesses operating in almost all industry sectors. However, due to funding criteria, there are a few ineligible sectors, which include professional services, healthcare and mining.

If you are unsure if your business is eligible, don’t worry. Simply contact us and one of our team can check your eligibility.

Contact us today

If you would like to discuss your business in confidence, please email us via info@a2fcornwall.co.uk or call 01872 300386. One of our team will then check your eligibility and arrange an appointment for you with one of our experts.

And remember…

The majority of business owners will have been through difficulties at some stage.  The key is how you deal with those difficulties when they arise. Within the business community, you will find people are often prepared to help – especially your suppliers and funders – as they will not want to see your business go bust.

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