Finance is a tricky topic that can take some skill to navigate successfully. That’s where we come in.

We’re not here to host another same-old seminar, you know the one where you glaze over ten minutes in? We introduce experts who work one-to-one with you and coach you through financial growth, reducing the overwhelm of cash flow forecasts and profit and loss. We demystify the money.

Customer Journey

We’ve got 30 years experience of supporting entrepreneurs just like you. We work with both new and established companies who want to learn about what is right financially for their business as well as high growth companies looking to raise investment.

We’re fully funded meaning you don’t pay for our service but we do ask for an investment in your time and energy. In exchange we offer full support, introducing you to a host of specialists and working with you one-to-one in your business, not just preaching in front of a Powerpoint presentation but rolling up our sleeves alongside you and getting you financially fit.

Our expertise plus your entrepreneurialism equates to the perfect team, adding real clarity when it comes to the cash. Now that’s what we call a contribution!

Meet the team

Looking for a grant for your business?

Access to Finance can offer grants to help with:

  • - Financial employee salary costs

  • - Help with accessing professional services

  • - Marketing your Crowdfunding campaign

  • - Help with finding an Angel Investor for your business

  • - Help with salary costs for a Non-Executive Director

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Sarah, Actorbank

Really useful way to start managing the finances of my business with more confidence

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Emma, Invision

This has completely changed our whole outlook on which way to take our business and we feel 100% more confident moving forward.

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Catherine , Truro Granite

An excellent programme that makes your business stop and think and take its development forward in a more structured way.

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Jack, Lime House Yoga

If you want to move your business forward then working with these people is a must!

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Steve, Laughter Events and Training

Great information about the value of additional finance to move business forward quicker and more effectively.

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Paul, INSIGHT training & support

An invaluable programme that not only gives you confidence in your bid for finance – but confidence in your business.

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Alex, Minimal Ltd

Access to Finance gave me a much better understanding of how to manage finances and plan for the future and introduced me to a number of potential finance options

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