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Access to Finance supported Redruth-based Shore Vans in securing £54k of funding through start-up loan and a BIG2 grant.

Shore Vans has the ambition to grow the business by building and equipping new premises as well as a new website and social media presence to showcase its products and improve brand awareness. By increasing marketing efforts, the Shore Vans team are hoping to grow profits, expand their product range and supply to new markets. This will ultimately lead to job creation and increased productivity.

The Access to Finance programme opens up a range of opportunities for business owners by sharing a high level of specialist knowledge and expertise in relation to eligibility, what funding is available, and application assistance.

Business Finance Specialist Jackie George offered invaluable support to Shore Vans’ Simon and Sally Horner, enabling them to receive the finance needed and start implementing the business’ growth strategy.

Jackie was really helpful. We received a total of £54k of funding through a BIG2 grant and start-up loan to really move our business forwards. The support has been great; when you meet with the specialists, you get to look at the business instead of being totally engrossed in it.
Sally Horner, Shore Vans

Sally explained to me what she was looking to achieve for her business over the coming years and advised me that the costs of achieving this were prohibitive at this time. I was able to review the grants available and advise on suitable funds. She expressed reservations about the processes involved, but with our help and guidance, she had the necessary support to apply and have a successful outcome with both a start-up loan and grant.
Jackie George , Access to Finance

Business finance can be daunting but essential for growing your business. For Simon and Sally, Access to Finance’s John Whittaker was able to support them in planning how to finance their business – and reinforcing the idea that you need to ‘spend money to make money’.

When you want to move your business forward, you need to access funding and John [Whittaker] gave us the confidence needed and made us feel better about the processes involved. The fact he has substantial business finance experience and expertise put us at ease – there was a level of trust there.
Talking to A2F business and finance experts is like having business therapy. , iIt gives you time to focus. You can talk about anything and they help you realise what you want and how to achieve it.

Sally Horner, Shore Vans