Scilly Cider

At Access to Finance, we believe a lack of financial mastery should never get in the way of great ideas. That’s why we try to help as many businesses across Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly as possible get to grips with the numbers and explore finance options.

Scilly Cider is one business we’re proud to have helped: they had everything they needed to expand their busines in a practical sense, but not the time or immediate knowledge of applying for funding to give it the lifeline it needed.

“Over the last year or so, we have been applying for funding to help Scilly Cider convert an unused barn into a modern and efficient Apple Brandy production unit, to allow us to expand into this market,” Chris Jenkins, partner at Scilly Cider, explained.

“We began the development with all the enthusiasm and, let’s say, hands-on skills and know-how in the layout, construction and eventual workings and production of the produce for market. However, it soon became very clear that we had no idea of the funding application process, form-filling and so much more. Before too long we were on the brink of giving up for not seeing a way through all of the intimidating hurdles and paperwork.”

As well as helping Chris through the different types of finance available to Scilly Cider that would aid in achieving their expansion, the team at A2F helped with other essential bits of financial housekeeping, including creating a cashflow forecast, which is useful not just to prospective lenders, but also for a business’ financial planning.

The outcome of the funding applications and extra financial support was everything Scilly Cider needed to complete its expansion. “All of that help has resulted in this project now being accepted, approved and in its final stage of building and fitting out,” said Chris, following a successful application for more than £45,000 from the Isles of Scilly Voucher Scheme.

“We would not have stood a chance in getting where we are now without the incredible patience, help, guidance, and expertise of Jackie and Chris from the Access to Finance team. A wonderful service provided from a team which I cannot speak highly enough of! The entire process became a very comfortable and achievable journey.”

Scilly Cider is just one of the many businesses across the county we have helped to achieve their goals through empowering their understanding of their own finances and helping them explore the possibilities open to them.
For help demystifying the world of finance, or to explore the options for funding available to your business, get in touch with Access to Finance.