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Charity Wilson – founder and director of Mappix teaching software – has raised more than £100k to fund her business and a start-up SWIG loan of £20k with the help of Access to Finance.

The aim of Mappix is to allow teachers more time to teach by giving them the ability to streamline their workload, while aiming to meet the higher targets the Government has set with the New National Curriculum. The teacher ‘workload crisis’ has been hitting headlines in recent months and Mappix offers a solution, based on Charity’s years of experience in the education sector.

Following a referral from the Transform programme, Charity got in touch with the Access to Finance team as she looked for support with start-up funding. Her ambition is to use funding to grow the business by:

  • Developing new software
  • Creating jobs
  • Marketing and promoting the business

“People grow up in Cornwall thinking there are no long-term job prospects here, and move away, which is such a shame. My goal is to create exciting jobs that people from Cornwall, or those who move down here (bringing their skillset into the county), can be excited about.”
– Charity Wilson, Mappix

“I have helped Charity on the journey by advising on suitable funds, negotiating with BIG2, referring the grant fund, helping Charity to create forecasts and look at her pricing model. I also helped Charity do the finance section of her business plan for the CrowdCube pitch. A fantastic client.”
Heather Coupland, the Programme Delivery Manager for Access to Finance

“Heather is so inspiring, she’s the type of business person I’d like to be. She’s an incredible role model in terms of achievements, persona, enthusiasm and knowledge. She’s supported me with my successful application for a SWIG loan, whilst advising with crowdfunding. It’s really helped drive the business forward. She’s supported me in creating a financial template which has helped me understand things better. Heather’s gone above and beyond to support with the more intimidating elements of business finance.”
– Charity Wilson, Mappix

John Whittaker, Business Finance Specialist at Access to Finance, also assisted with a one-to-one session focused on the Mappix business plan. John took extra time to research crowdfunding in order to establish whether this would be a good opportunity for Charity.

“John gave me some really simple guidance and he truly invested his time into what would work for me. I can’t speak highly enough of him; his support has helped me add huge value to the business.”
– Charity Wilson, Mappix

“Charity and her business Mappix must represent the ideal Access to Finance client. From a start-up loan, to grant application and a successful equity raise totalling £102k in a matter of just a few months! Charity has been a joy to work with and I am proud to have been involved in advising her with regard to the business plan for her business. I am looking forward to watching how Mappix develops over the next few months.”
– John Whittaker
Business Finance Specialist, Access to Finance

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