Chris Oliver

Business Finance Specialist

Chris Oliver

Chris joins the Access to Finance program having gained considerable experience across the SME finance spectrum over the past decade.

Originally analysing investment opportunities and managing a significant portfolio of South West invested companies for a fund management firm based in Cornwall, Chris previously sat on the opposite side of the table to applicant businesses; analysing the plans and proposals of hopeful recipients of debt, equity & grant monies.

Further to investment, Chris would actively monitor monthly financial data from live positions; ensuring the portfolio performed against objectives and businesses received the appropriate support required to continue hitting their growth projections.

Chris continued to amass experience spending the following years as an analyst within several financial sub-sectors including; private equity, accountancy, restructuring and acquisitions.

Having spent significant time away from home, Chris decided that it was time to return to Cornwall full time and now works as a Finance Specialist for the Access to Finance team where he puts his skills and knowledge towards helping SMEs secure the funding required to take them to the next level.