Access to Finance is about education before intervention and sharing our expertise with small and medium size businesses looking to learn about money matters.

Some companies may be looking to learn about different types of funding that they are eligible for, others perhaps wanting to find out more about debt management, crowdfunding or equity partnerships.

Our programme is funded by the European Regional Development Fund and has been designed specifically to explore your financial options, to assist in preparing a strong application and to equip you with the knowledge you need when it comes to the numbers.

So whether you’re looking to expand your premises or uplevel your business in some way, if you meet our eligibility criteria then we would love to work with you. Simply register your information below, drop us an email or pick up the phone and we’ll arrange for an introductory individual session one-to-one with one of our finance specialists to review your current financial affairs and assess your needs.

We offer a combination of interactive masterclasses and practical group sessions where we assist in preparation for finance applications and also individual sessions where you will work one-to-one with a finance specialist who has a commercial background and a strong understanding of both your situation and the smartest solutions.

We also provide post-investment support to make sure the money is managed from pre-application to post-investment planning and monitoring. Our great partnerships with lawyers and accountants means that we can break down the barriers, supporting you in the big discussions and, crucially, the defining decisions in your business.

Every single member of the Access to Finance team has serious knowledge of business and first hand experience at board level underpinning their expertise. It all starts with a one-to-one phone call so that we can get to know you, your business and what you need from us. Call us today to speak with a specialist and start taking the steps towards financial success.

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Sarah, Actorbank

Really useful way to start managing the finances of my business with more confidence

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Emma, Invision

This has completely changed our whole outlook on which way to take our business and we feel 100% more confident moving forward.

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Catherine , Truro Granite

An excellent programme that makes your business stop and think and take its development forward in a more structured way.

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Jack, Lime House Yoga

If you want to move your business forward then working with these people is a must!

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Steve, Laughter Events and Training

Great information about the value of additional finance to move business forward quicker and more effectively.

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Paul, INSIGHT training & support

An invaluable programme that not only gives you confidence in your bid for finance – but confidence in your business.

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Alex, Minimal Ltd

Access to Finance gave me a much better understanding of how to manage finances and plan for the future and introduced me to a number of potential finance options

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