Coronavirus Business Support Grant Funding

Additional funding announced 5th January 2021.

Businesses in the retail, hospitality and leisure sectors are to receive a one-off grant worth up to £9,000.

The cash is provided on a per-property basis to support businesses through the latest restrictions. The one-off top-ups will be granted to closed businesses as follows:

  • £4,000 for businesses with a rateable value of £15,000 or under
  • £6,000 for businesses with a rateable value between £15,000 and £51,000
  • £9,000 for businesses with a rateable value of over £51,000
  • any business which is legally required to close, and which cannot operate effectively remotely, is eligible for a grant

As with previous Covid-19 business grant support schemes, the distribution is likely to be handled by Cornwall Council. Currently, there is no confirmation regarding detailed eligibility. Previous grants for example were only paid to businesses who occupied premises which were on the rating register as of 11th Match 2020. Once further information is made available, we will update this page. Businesses should also watch Cornwall Council’s website.

Any business wishing to have a 1.1 discussion with one of the business finance specialists working on the Access to Finance team can arrange this by contacting us as below:

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