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Calling potential NED’s

High Growth Coaching specialists, Oxford Innovation, today announced a significant new initiative that will provide fully funded Non-Executive Director (NED) training from the respected Institute of Directors. The ERDF funded Access to Finance (A2F) project is committed to supporting growing companies through the provision of expert support in funding raises. Many clients are reaping the rewards of appointing NED’s to their Boards and the A2F project already has grant funding available to support their initial appointment. To help increase the available pool of Cornwall based NED’s, 20 places on the one-day IoD “Role of the Non-Executive Director” course are available to suitably qualified individuals.

Commenting on the announcement, Andrew Finley, Project Director of A2F, said: “NED’s are a valuable resource that can add significant value to a Board and our work with growing companies has highlighted the potential demand. There are some excellent Executive Directors at work locally and we hope that this course will give those with suitable experience, who wish to consider a NED role, the opportunity to do so with the benefit of high quality training from recognised leaders in this field.”

The course, normally costing £1250 +VAT, is available without charge to eligible candidates. Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis. On completion of this one-day programme you will leave with a profound understanding of the role of a non-executive director, how to secure this position and first-class strategies to hone your skill set and improve your knowledge:

  • Identify the key attributes of an effective NED
  • Recognise the legal and practical responsibilities of the NED
  • Identify how a NED can help to create an effective board
  • Appreciate how a NED can add value in and out of the boardroom
  • Apply newfound knowledge and skills to effectively deal with a range of boardroom challenges in different types of organisations
  • Effectively apply and prepare for a NED position

The course will be held on Monday 3rd September at St Austell Conference Centre

Applications should be made by following this link